If you were to compare the Skype for Business reports in your Office 365 Portal with the ones in your Radar Reporting account, you may have found some unusual inconsistencies regarding the number of session minutes that your tenant would make in a day.


This is due to the differing way that Microsoft calculates these minutes, depending on which data source is used to retrieve the information. If you were to source this data via PowerShell, the old Office 365 Reporting Portal or the Office 365 Reporting Web Service (which is the method we use to populate your reports), the minutes are calculated as follows:

  • If two users spend the same two minutes in the same session, the tenant total is two minutes

The new Office 365 Portal, however, calculates them on a per-user basis:

  • If two users within a tenant converse for two minutes, the tenant total is four minutes, even if these two users spent the same two minutes in a single session
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