The Staging Area which Archive Shuttle uses as a transient area for extracting data from a source environment and then ingesting it into a target environment may from time to time contain a large number of files. This article explains how the staging area is cleaned up by Archive Shuttle, and why the files may still exist in the staging area.
When an item is successfully ingested into the target environment, an attempt will be made to remove the file immediately from the staging area.
If this is unsuccessful, the item will be queued for another deletion attempt in 10 seconds. This repeats up to 5 times.
Sometimes this is also unsuccessful, and an item may stay on disk for a longer period. Every 24 hours a Staging Area CleanUp command is sent to all modules. The modules will attempt to remove any files on the staging area which relate to:

  • Successfully ingested items
  • The file is older than 24 hours

There are two situations where items might remain on disk:

  • If an item cannot be ingested into the target environment, that item will remain on disk in the Staging Area.
  • If a Container Mapping is deleted from Archive Shuttle, the items which currently exist on the Staging Area will not be cleaned up, unless they are manually removed.


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