The following article outlines the current objects collected from Microsoft by Quadrotech for the purpose of building and presenting tenant and user reports for its SharePoint Online reporting package known as ‘Radar for SharePoint Online’. Please note that items marked with * require additional authority from the customer and are not collected by default.
The data collected is accurate as of today. Please note that this may vary over time and may not be limited to the data points outlined below. This document is updated when new products and reports are released.
SharePoint Online Objects *
All of the following are collected from Site Collections, Sites, Sub-Sites, Lists & Document Libraries for SharePoint that have been enabled in Cogmotive Office 365 Reports.
Created Date
Inheritance Flag
Last Modified
Folder Name
Item Type
Item Size
Item LastModified
Item LastModifiedBy
Item Created
Site Users
Site Groups
Site Owner
Site Admins
Version Settings
Audit Settings
User Profiles
OneDrive for Business Objects
Number of files synced
Number of files shared internally/externally
Number of files viewed or edited
Tenant Storage Used
Tenant Storage Allocated

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