You’ll find Nova built-in reports right where you need them. You’ll find them in sub-menus related to associated operations. For example, if you want to know about things related to productivity, you can check the Mobile Device Overview report in the menu under Productivity. Or, if you want to know about usage and adoption of Microsoft Teams, you can check the Teams Usage report located under the Usage & Adoption menu option. Here’s how it looks:

The highlighted boxes show reports

Nova reports are rich and customizable. Rather than having 10 or more mobile device reports, each showing part of the story around mobile device usage in an organization, those 10 reports are combined into one rich report with multiple sections. The condensed reports have a stunning level of detail and information, giving you a more complete picture of your organization’s operations:

Reports can be delivered by email, as well, by scheduling them. You can also clone reports and edit the copy, upload report definition (json) files, or use the powerful Report Center to build your own reports to suit your business needs.

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