With new setting for Native Import Module Archive Shuttle is able to check consistency of PSTs. The functionality is turned off by default and needs to be enabled manually in Configuration > System Configuration > Native Import Module.

It is important to note that this setting will affect performance the module. Processing time of the verification depends on Item Count of MailNativeSubContainer.
Consistency check is done in two ways:

  1. AS will try to open PST to check if it is corrupted.
  2. AS will check Imported Count of items and compares it to count of items in PST file.

If the check is successful PST will be renamed and moved to output path. NFI also logs following line:

INFO| Rename|Imported items count: [19259] and count of items in PST: [19259] match.

If the check is not successful you can find Error log in:
a) NFI module log file:

INFO| Rename|Imported items count: [10007] and count of items in PST: [9961] do not match.

b) PST is marked on Stage 1 with red check mark

c) If Stage 2 is enabled you can find error log also in Stage 2 (Switch User) page

PST that fails on verification can be re-exported again with Enable for Re-Export button that can be found in Manage & Operations > Stage 1 (Sync Data)

After selecting PST that you want to Re-Export and clicking on the button a confirmation will pop-up

Following steps happen when Re-Exporting the PST

  1. Corrupted/Inconsistent PST will be removed from Staging area/Temporary Path
  2. Exported/Imported count will be reset to 0 in item database
  3. Items are then re-exported and re-imported again


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