The License Analyser is a great tool to see if you are getting all the value out of your Office 365 licensing and also to have full visibility into your licensing costs in an easier to consume format.
There are two reports in the license analyser, the Subscription Cost Analyser, which gives you a direct overview to your total billing, and the Subscription Products Analytics which allows you to dig deeper into individual product use to determine if there are savings to be made by moving product licenses around.
Starting with the Subscription Cost Analyser, it will analyse based on the monthly costs and both active and inactive licenses.

In its current state, it does require that you put in some of the monthly costs in the currency of your choice. The currency selection doesn’t impact the calculations and is used just to make the currency clearer for folks.
To select the currency and enter the data expand the billing entry and use the pull-down dialog to select the currency desired and your monthly per-user costs for the type of subscription.

Now that these amounts have been entered click on the Analyse button and it will calculate the current state of your billing including unused amounts.

To dig even further into the licensing use the Subscription Products Analytics report. Based on the user list and the selected timeframe it will do a more exhaustive review of who has licenses
Once in the report click on the Analyse button and it will expand the license details by service and usage.


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