Tables are the best method to view a wide variety of data within one report. Unlike the other report types in the Report Center, tables allow you to view multiple fields with data that you select to suit your needs.

Filtering in your reports can give you more specific results which could give you the exact information that you need quickly. Find out about this, including how to filter between dates, here.

You can also sort certain data fields by ascending or descending order.

You can limit the amount of data results within your table. To do this, set your offset and limit to suit your needs. Enable paging allows you to page your data results, for example in 10, 25 or 100 results per page. Disabling this feature gives you all of the results in one page.

Note: having paging enabled or disabled will not affect your download of your report; all data results will be listed within one table in your downloaded table.

Table report examples can be found below:

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