At the beginning of a PST Flight Deck (FD) project, there are a limited and controllable number of agents deployed to the environment. Agent configuration could be set aggressively on a global scale and the impact on the FD server would be minimal.
Prior to the Migration Agents being deployed, the configuration on the FD server needs to be adjusted to accommodate growth in the number of agents. This includes anticipated time delays that prolong the testing cycle.


PST Flight Deck has the capability to create a configuration for a subset of users by the utilization of the “Profiles” feature. Creating a “Testing” profile and assigning accounts that you anticipate testing the configuration and solution to it will permit you to configure a small number of users for aggressive updates without compromising the performance or stability of your production FD environment.
Profiles permit the ability to have location, language, discovery, and agent configurations specialized for the users assigned to it. For more information about Profiles or the options associated with its configuration, please review the appropriate section in the Admin Guide.

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