You want to use some other credentials, other than the service account credentials for the Archive Shuttle Exchange Import module.
After the Exchange Import module is installed, you should find a CredentialsEditor folder in the Archive Shuttle module installation path.
This folder contains two files (listed below), which are needed for setting the accounts for Exchange Import module.

  • ArchiveShuttle.Module.CredentialsEditor.exe
  • ArchiveShuttle.Module.CredentialsEditor.exe.config

To use custom accounts for the Exchange Import modules, follow these steps:
1) Open the ArchiveShuttle.Module.CredentialsEditor.exe.config in a text editor and change the entry below from:
<add key=”Office365ModuleServiceName” value=”Archive Shuttle (Office365 Module)””
<add key=”Office365ModuleServiceName” value=”Archive Shuttle (Exchange Import Module)”
3) Open the ArchiveShuttle.Module.CredentialsEditor.exe and add the accounts.
4) Navigate to the System configuration screen in Archive Shuttle user interface.
5) On the Exchange Import Module, disable the Use Service Credentials for Logon setting.
After this is done, the Exchange Ingest module will ingest the data into Exchange using the service accounts that were added to the credential editor.

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