This report shows all users within your organisation and the breakdown by the Retention Policy applied to their mailbox.
Retention Policy is a set of rules that govern how long messages must remain in a users mailbox before being removed. You can learn more about Exchange Online Retention Policies by clicking this link.
The default graph and table view will show you a pie chart and the split of all of your tenant’s policies.
The table at the foot of the report will detail each user, the User Principal Name (Login Name) and the policy that is applied.
If you select one of the policy tabs under the graph this will change the table to only show the users where that policy selection applies, doing this does not change the graph.

You have the option to add filters to this report if you wanted to selectively find users from a particular team, location group of your choice.
The information in this report can also be customized, filtered and scheduled like all our other reports.

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