In many small environments, installing a new version of an Archive Shuttle module is straightforward since only a few servers are involved. In larger, more complex migration environments, this can be cumbersome. This article explains how to update the modules through the Archive Shuttle Admin Interface.
There are a number of steps that need to be followed to upgrade the modules:

  1. Download the new MSI file for each module from folder separate modules installers for appropriate release. 32-bit modules need to have 32-bit installer, 64-bit modules need to have 64-bit installer.
  2. The update of modules requires an installed Updater module.
  3. Copy the MSI files to the following folder on the server which hosts the Archive Shuttle Web Service: \QUADROtech\Archive Shuttle\Webservice\bin\ModuleInstallers
  4. Navigate to the Modules page in the Archive Shuttle user interface.
  5. Select one or more modules, and click Update.

The MSI file will then be transferred to the selected server and it will be executed in order to update the information.

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