Archive Shuttle license file needs to be updated if e.g. the license expires, or more data resp. users are required to be migrated. This article explains how to replace and update the license file.
Should an updated license file be required, please contact your Quadrotech partner or representative to acquire the file.


Following messages may be displayed on the System Health screen, tab Events:
and on the License screen:


To replace/update the license file, perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain a new license.lic file from Quadrotech and copy it to a temporary location on the Archive Shuttle server.
    If the file is NOT called license.lic, rename it so that it has such name.
  2. Copy the file to \Program Files\Quadrotech\Archive Shuttle\WebServices\Bin (or an alternate location, if Archive Shuttle is installed on a different path or drive).
    Starting from version 9.3 the license needs to be placed also to \Program Files\Quadrotech\Archive Shuttle\Service.
  3. Confirm overwriting of the existing license.lic file.
  4. Run an elevated command prompt.
  5. Issue the command IISRESET.
  6. Verify that the new license has taken effect by going to the License screen. You should not get any messages about the license being expired, or consumed. It should look like this:


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