What is QTID?

QTID stands for Quadrotech Identity. It’s our integrated authentication system which brings together all of Quadrotech’s services under one single login, making it easier to use Quadrotech’s services together. If you are a Radar customer, you’ll notice a slight change to the way you log in to Radar after this change, but the way you use the product will not be affected.

I am a Radar customer. What changes?

Previously, when you visited the Radar entry page, you were greeted with a login dialog box showing two buttons; either Login with Radar Reporting or Login with Work or School Account.
Now, we show you a single button – Login with QTID. You’ll then either be seamlessly logged in, if you are using Single Sign On [SSO] via Azure Active Directory authentication (AAD Authentication), or you’ll be asked for your username and then a password.
While the login sequence changes slightly for you, Radar does not change at this time.

I am an Autopilot customer. What changes?

For our existing Autopilot customers, nothing changes at this time. We’ll be in touch in the future with more details.
New Autopilot customers are immediately on QTID from the point of provisioning.

I use the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP). How does this change?

The MTP does not change at this time, but will shortly be replaced with a new and improved Service Provider and Multi-Tenant Portal, giving you deep insights into your customers, engagement, and sub-organizations. Speak to your partner manager to find out more.

I am a Cloud Commander customer. What changes?

At this time, Cloud Commander continues to use its own authentication scheme. This will change later this year when Cloud Commander becomes an integrated part of our new platform. Watch this space!
Is this still correct?

How do I use QTID?

You don’t need to ‘use’ QTID directly. QTID facilitates the login to Quadrotech’s services, and allows us to create a single platform for you to get all the benefits of our services. You continue to use your services as normal without needing to change.

Why have you introduced QTID?

Currently, all of Quadrotech’s services need you to sign up and use separate identities, making it hard to move between our services seamlessly. With QTID, you get a single identity without needing to log in individually to each service.

How does it affect me?

The transition to QTID makes it easier for you and our other customers to consume Quadrotech services quickly and easily, without needing to have separate sets of credentials or identities for each of our services. Trialing a subscription service from Quadrotech or subscribing to a service literally becomes one click to get started. It also means we can use the power of our services together, whether that is Migration Planning using a combination of Cloud Commander and Radar Reporting data to determine a wave-based migration plan or Availability and Management to set consistency policies across your organisation. QTID brings our services together, in one place.

How do I access QTID?

Normally, you don’t need to access QTID directly, it’s simply a part of the login process.

I have a QTID issue, how do I troubleshoot it?

Common QTID troubleshooting suggestions are available here.

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