Using Nova it’s possible to delegate administrative actions to non-administrators. In some situations though, properties might not update. This is because of a limitation imposed by Microsoft.
It is not possible to use Nova to modify these attributes of a user who is an Office 365 Global Administrator:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Business Phone
  • Other Email

Nova will try to execute any change that is requested, but will return an error:

HTTP status: Forbidden. Response: {   “error”: {     “code”: “Authorization_RequestDenied”,     “message”: “Insufficient privileges to complete the operation.”,     “innerError”: {       “request-id”: “01569cf0-081b-4d24-9f24-a11c3a1fcf53”,       “date”: “2019-06-04T06:54:58”     }   } }

This limitation is described in this Microsoft article.

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