In some situations you may receive the following message when you try to delete a mapping in Archive Shuttle:

“Mappings with id [3] are still migrating and can not be deleted at the moment”

This is because of a change which was implemented in recent versions of Archive Shuttle (9.5 and later). It means that a mapping can not normally be removed whilst it’s still migrating. It is a protection mechanism for the migration.

Sometimes you may wish to override this behaviour. To allow the deletion of this mapping, perform the following steps:

  1. Open PowerShell, as an administrator, on the Archive Shuttle Core server
  2. Connect to the Archive Shuttle Core using the following command:

$core = connect-ASCore -computerName NameOfCoreServer


3. Issue the following command to change the behaviour of Archive Shuttle:

Set-ASConfiguration -SettingDefinition LockMappingDeletion -Value 0

4. Now delete the mapping or mappings, as required

5. Issue the following command to change the behaviour back to the default:

Set-ASConfiguration -SettingDefinition LockMappingDeletion -Value 1

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