Daily synchronization is not working

If EVnearSync doesn’t replicate data of an open partition, the following steps and information will help Support investigate the issue:

General Information

– EV version

– EVnearSync Core version

– EVnearSync Agent(s) version

– Are all open partitions affected or just any of them? Which one(s)?

– How many unsecured items do you have?

Steps to follow

Make sure the vault store hasn’t been failed over. Synchronization is disabled once the vault store is failed over. You can check the current status in EVnearSync Admin UI: Monitor – > General -> System Status -> Failover Status.

* If green: No vault store has been failed over -> go to Step 1.

* If red: There is a vault store running in the backup mode (failed over) -> go to Step 2.

Step 1

Does EVnearSync create a new triggered file after each replication cycle (file name: PartitionSecuredNotification.xml created in the root of the source partition)?

* If yes: Does Enterprise Vault process the triggered file and rename it to PartitionSecuredNotification.old? When did Enterprise Vault process the triggered file last time?

* If Enterprise Vault processes the triggered file:

Please enable EVnearSync logging on the server where EVnearSync agent is running, let logging enabled for about 30 minutes and send the log file to us. Send us also the results of these SQL queries (run them against to EVnearSync database):

SELECT*FROM VaultStoreFailoverHistory
SELECT*FROM VaultStoreFailoverEntry
SELECT*FROM MaintananceJobEntry
SELECT*FROM SaveSetReplicationErrorEntry

Follow this article to enable EVnearSync logging. Please don’t forget to disable the logging once the log file is gathered.

Step 2

Go to EVnearSync Admin UI: Manage -> Failover -> Vault Store

Identify partition(s) with “Failed – Read Only” State

Make sure the affected source partitions are accessible

* If yes: Select the partition in UI and execute Failback. Situation should go back to normal and replication should work again.

* If no: Investigate and solve the source partition(s) accessibility problem.

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