Sometimes you may observe random issues with Internet Information Services (IIS) and you need to check the configuration or set up the service again.


Using the IIS page, you can find two websites that are used to configure Flight Deck correctly (Default Web Site and PST Flight Deck BITS Website)
Under the Default Web Site you can find PSTFlightDeckHelpdesk, PSTFlightDeckSharedPsts and PSTFlighDeckWS sites. Each site needs to have a physical path set in the Basic settings. Physical path is the path to the PST Flight Deck directories. For example, PSTFlightDeckHelpdesk is connected to the Helpdesk WebUI. It’s configured by default after the installation, but in some cases it needs to be configured manually.
Also check the PST Flight Deck BITS Website for the physical path in the Basic settings.

Next, check the Authentication setting for each of the websites. Status can’t show the errors or unknown status.

Make sure BITS is enabled for Uploads folder under the PST Flight Deck BITS Website.
To check this setting, click on the Uploads folder and choose BITS Uploads. If the Allow clients to upload files option is enabled, that means the BITS setting is enabled.

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