EV Collector not working

If Archive Shuttle is unable to collect data from Enterprise Vault, the following steps and information will help Support investigate the issue:

General Information

– EV version

– Location of the EV Collector Module (is it on an EV Server?)

– Archive Shuttle Core version

– Archive Shuttle modules version

– Mailbox Archive Item collection or Journal Archive Item collection

– Verifying the type of EV Collector Module

Steps to follow

Is it all items for all mappings?  Yes/No.   If Yes, go to step 1, if no, go to step 2.


Step 1

Check modules are associated with the links

– Some links may not have had any modules configured for them

– Collect a screenshot

Check the modules are enabled

– This is on the ‘Modules’ page

– Collect a screenshot

Check the modules are scheduled appropriately

– This is on the ‘Modules’ page

– Collect a screenshot

Check the Link database is created for the Source Link

– Source Link should have a Link database created

– Collect a screenshot

Check the EV vaults stores are collected

– All vault stores should be showed on EV Environments screen

– Collect a screenshot


Step 2

Is it some items for all mappings?   Yes/No.  If Yes continue with this step, if No go to Step 3.

Check if all Mappings are showing on Stage 1 and Existing Mapping screens

– Include the source and target link name column

– Collect a screenshot

Try re-collecting the items

– Trigger the item collection from Existing mapping screen

– Check the log files for the collection

– Are there any errors? Yes/No

Check the license has not expired

– Take a screenshot of the license page. Note: The license is month/day/year format

Step 3

Did Collection start, and then just stop? Yes/No.  If Yes continue with this step.

Check that the module doesn’t have a scheduled defined

– This is on the ‘Modules’ page

– Collect a screenshot

Step 4

Gather logs

– Ensure that the module is configured for TRACE level logging

– This is done on the Modules page

– Reprocess the item(s), or click on ‘Failed Exports’, or click on ‘Hanging Exports’

– Wait 1-5 minutes

– Generate a ‘Support Bundle‘ for review by Support (Ensure each Collector Module is selected in the Bundle)

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