There is a feature in the PST Flight Deck preventing drive fulfillment. This would cause migration issues and potential crashing of the processes.

This setting can be found in the Settings > Environment > Advanced > Uploads Monitor.

The operator has an option to set and tweak the values to optimize the environment to its needs and specifications.

In the scenario from the screenshot above, the hard drive is allowed to be filled up to 85% of its capacity without limiting the upload speed and processes.

As soon as the drive is filled up to more than 85%, PST Flight Deck will be in Limited mode. This can be checked and customized in Settings > Locations > double click on the affected location:

Now the upload is in a limited mode that can be set in the section above. This setup prevents to fulfill the drive even more, and data ready for migration can be processed in the meantime.

If the drive is filled up to 95% of its capacity, uploads are stopped (except those that have already started) and all the modules except Ingestion are halted.

The operator is notified by the red warning message ‘Transfer Stopped’, located in the bottom right corner of the console.

As soon as the drive ‘Uploads’ has more than 30% of its’ capacity back (On is 70%, as shown in the first screenshot), limitations are disabled and upload continues at full speed.

If the drive still doesn’t have enough capacity (more than 30 % of the drive space), the application will continue to work in limited mode.

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