In some situation you may need verbose logging for the File Scanner.


Trace logging can be set up on PST Flight Deck User profile or it can be set up locally for just one user workstation. A profile-based setup will affect all users having this profile assigned.



The advantage of this approach is that it can be set up on the server with PST Flight Deck Admin Console installed. No need to use a user workstation.

  1. Create a dedicated profile or select profile you want to have Trace logging for File Scanner
  2. In PST Flight Deck Admin Console go to Settings>Window Migration Agent>File Scanner tab
  3. From the drop-down menu select File Scanner config
  4. Click on button Edit XML
  5. In opened editor locate line: <LogLevel>Warn</LogLevel> 
  6. Replace Warn with Trace and save the config file
  7. Make sure that this changed File Scanner config is assigned to the correct Profile in Settings>Profiles by double click on the selected profile and check File Config
  8. Make sure that the desired profile with trace logging is assigned to the user.
  9. When the user’s Migration Agent calls for config update it will pick up the changes and will use trace logging for File Scanner

Locally on the user workstation

In order to generate a higher level of logging for a single-user workstation, perform the following steps:

  1. Stop File Scanner on users workstation (go to Task Manager and kill the process FlightDeck MigrationAgent. The File Scanner is part of Migration Agent executable)
  2. Locate the File Scanner config file – config.xml located in Migration Agent installation directory, i.e. “C:\Program Files (x86)\Quadrotech\Migration Agent\config.xml” (It might be shown without the file name extension, depending on settings in Explorer)
  3. Rename the current config file (to for example “config.xml.bak”)
  4. Copy the config file from “C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Temp\Quadrotech\config.xml” (%temp%\Quadrotech\config.xml) to Migration Agent installation directory
  5. Open the file in Notepad or a similar text editor
  6. Locate the following lines and change it:
  7. Update from “<ConfigurationFromWebService>true</ConfigurationFromWebService>” to “<ConfigurationFromWebService>false</ConfigurationFromWebService>”
  8. Update from “<ScanDelayTimeframe>3</ScanDelayTimeframe>” to “<ScanDelayTimeframe>0</ScanDelayTimeframe>”
  9. Update from “<LogLevel>Warn</LogLevel>” to “<LogLevel>Trace</LogLevel>”
  10. Save and close the file. Depending on the UAC settings on the machine you may not be allowed to write directly to the folder. If that’s the case then save the file to the Documents folder or Desktop folder, and then drag and copy the file after making the edits.
  11. Delete the current File Scanner log file (located in %temp%\Quadrotech) – filename FileScanner-%hostname%.log.
  12. Delete the file LastScan.txt (located in %temp%\Quadrotech)
  13. Start FileScanner again – just run ResetMigrationAgent.exe located in Migration Agent installation directory.


Valid log levels:
Trace – Outputs most data
Fatal – Outputs least data

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