The Top Spam and Malware report shows you who (as in which email addresses/aliases) are sending or receiving the most Spam or Malware in your Office 365 Environment over a given time period.
Our customers use this report to identify potential entry points for Spam and Phishing emails as well as monitor any internal email accounts that may have become compromised and are sending out Spam emails.
For this report we use the following definitions:

  • Content filtered – mail identified as spam due to message characteristics consistent with spam.
  • SMTP blocked – mail blocked before entering the service, based on sender/recipient filtering.
  • IP blocked – mail blocked before entering the service, based on IP reputation.


  • Messages with attachments that are detected as harmful by Microsoft’s malware heuristics matching engine.

By default, the report will show you the top receivers of spam messages in the past 7 days.
You can change the time period using the Date Selection Tool above the graph.
Note: As we collect data every day for the previous 24 hours, data will be only available for the length of time you have been a Quadrotech Office 365 Reports customer.  For example, if you started using the reporting application 30 days ago you will have access to 30 days worth of data.  This time period will increase the longer you use the product.

Alternatively, you can use the buttons below the graph to display the top senders of spam instead of receivers.
Users on the Spam Senders report usually indicate that this account has been compromised in some way.

Switching between the Spam and Malware views 
You can switch between the Spam and Malware views of the report using the buttons on the right hand side below the graph.

Clicking the Malware button will show the number of Malware messages detected within the environment.  
The report functions in the same way as its Spam counterpart.

The Data Table
The data table for this report shows you the number of spam and malware messages detected in your organisation during the period specified.

This report can naturally be customized, filtered, emailed and scheduled like all our other reports.

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