If Enterprise Vault was configured to use EV Collections, when migrating a large number of ARCHDVS files, they might be placed on the file system as the EV API extracts the item from the collection file (CAB file). These files can consume considerable space, which may lead to low disk space situations.
Quadrotech produced a tool to assist in this situation. While the issue is one caused by Enterprise Vault, this tool may help the situation.
The utility is able to automatically delete temp files using a few options:

  • Using a lightweight Filesystem watcher, where the Application gets notified by the OS that a new file has been created
  • Using a periodic scanner, which scans the filesystem each XX minutes
  • Using a low disk space threshold
  • On program startup

All these options also have a Timeout option, which is basically a minimum age that a file must have in order for it to be eligible for deletion. So, for example, you can say you want these *.archdvs files to stay there for at least 5 minutes before they’re deleted.
You can register multiple paths, each with its own settings.
Please use with care, and ideally in a test environment first!
We advise that you use the tool using Log only mode first (you’ll see this option in the configuration dialog), and then check the log file to see if it’s performing as expected.
1. Double-click the .exe, and you’ll get a configuration dialog (Configuration mode).

2. You can Add, Edit, or Delete directories.

  • Each can have its own settings.
  • Don’t forget to click Save after editing or Add after adding a new one.

3. Start the .exe from the command line with a command line argument (it doesn’t matter which) > Execution mode

  • For example, Quadrotech.EnterpriseVault.TempFileDeleter.exe EXECUTE

You can schedule the program to be run On Startup (there’s a When the computer starts up option in the Task Scheduler, for example)
The tool will be updated from time to time based on feedback, so if you have feedback, contact us.
The tool can be downloaded from here.

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