In some situations Migration Agent may throw this error when creating a snapshot of an attached PST file:

|MonitorTask.ProcessFile => MonitorTask.DoPreCheck
=> PstSnapshotTask.Execute
|The snapshot was not finished in time 360 sec! Console output: Console

|MonitorTask.DoPreCheck => PstSnapshotTask.Execute
=> PstSnapshotTask.DeleteIncompleSnaphost|Deleted incomplete SnapShot
of file after 2 seconds
|MonitorTask.DoPreCheck => PstSnapshotTask.Execute
=> PstSnapshotTask.DetachFailedSnapshot|Failed to make snapshot of 
\\L2-JAMACLNT-14\D$\PST Upload\PST.pst: Unexpected crash. Detaching!



When the client is creating a snapshot – this task is done by an external EXE process to Migration Agent itself (called PSTSnapshotTask.exe). Migration Agent has a “watcher” that will check the progress of the snapshot task and if the snapshot is taking too long it will kill the process and retry the snapshot again. The timeout is calculated based on the file size and the location where the file is placed on (Local disk or Network). The default values are (by default not visible in the Migration Agent config section):

--applied to local PST files (attached from the local disk)
--applied to network PST files (attached from network shares)

An example:
If a local PST file is 300 MB in size, the system will time out if the snapshot takes longer than 360 sec. with the default values.

300 MB * 1024 = 307200 kB
307200 kB / 1024 = 300 sec.
300 sec + 60 sec. = 360 sec. –The 60 sec. are a security margin for small files.

If you have slow hardware or network you might consider changing these default values by adding these settings to the Migration Agent configuration. This can be easily done in the FlightDeck Admin Console:

Settings -> Migration Agent -> Agent tab -> hit “Edit XML” in the ribbon
Then add these two lines and adjust the values below:


Click”Save” to save the changes.


The minimum limit can only be set to 64 kB otherwise the system will have a critical error and resume to the default values.
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