Idle system

You’ll want to test an idle system after installation, after an extended period of inactivity (or no activity or no usage of the system), and after upgrades are performed.

Some things to consider:

  • Can you access a data returning page of the UI? (For example the Stage 1 screen)
  • Does the System Health page have any information/warnings/help for components of the system?
  • Does the Journal Commander Modules page show any issues with modules?
  • Are all the expected services running?

The modules page shows all modules that have ever checked in to the core. Rows that are red have not been seen by the core in the recent past.

Consider disabling modules that are no longer used or needed.

UI responsiveness

Not only can we check that the UI operates on pages that return data, but we can and should check the pages in the UI to ensure they respond reasonably quickly. If it takes 5 minutes to open the Bulk Mapping page, for example, then there is an issue that should be investigated.


Check, where applicable, that all of the Journal Commander core services are running, and also all of the modules on all of the servers involved in the migration.

If services fail to start to run, it could be related to password changes/expiry or other factors. It’s something that should be investigated and resolved.

Health check API

Coming soon.

What happens if these things aren’t working?

If items on this list are not successful/adequate, work to isolate the issue(s) and resolve them.

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