The events tab on the system health page in Archive Shuttle reports issue that might impact a migration. This article explains the events that might be generated. The activities are checked when the system health page loads rather than at scheduled intervals. This ensures that the events which are shown are up to date.


Title Description
Office 365 License Issue If the number of active licenses is more than the consumed plus suspended licenses a message will be shown.
SourceOne index issue There is an index which is needed to greatly improve the migration from SourceOne. If SQL index is not found, a message is displayed.
Cargo Bay issue If SQL Server Integrations Services (SSIS) 2017 is not installed, then Cargo Bay will not work and a message will be displayed.
Folderless item setting If the system configuration doesn’t have the Folderless Item setting configured then a message is displayed. To resolve the issue set the Folderless Item entry in the Archive Shuttle System Configuration.
License validity If the current license is not valid, a message is displayed.
License issue If there is some other problem with the current license, a message is displayed.


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