There is a functionality in PST Flight Deck to import CSV files (Manage -> Users: Import Attributes).

This gives us the possibility to update the properties for the batch of the users specified in the CSV files. (e.g. enable batch of the users for migration)


The CSV file must have a proper syntax:

  • Column header – the column names need to match with the names of the columns in the [UserEntry] table in the [PSTFlightdeckDirectory] database
  • DomainName and sAMAccountName are mandatory columns
  • After DomainName and sAMAccountName follow the columns you want to set
  • Strings need to be specified with “”, numbers without “”
  • New carriage character at the end of the last entry

Here is an example of the proper syntax:
“L2″;”PEPI2″;11;1;”LowBandwidth”;”Resort 1″
“L2″;”PEPI4″;13;1;”HighBandwidth”;”Resort 2″
“L2″;”PEPI6″;13;2;”HighBandwidth”;”Resort 3″
An example CSV file is attached to this KB article too.
This table gives you a list of properties you can use:

 Column Name  Name in CSV file  Type
 Domain  DomainName  string
 Account  sAMAccountName  string
 Migration Priority  AdvancedClientMigrationPriority  number
 Profile ID  ProfileID  number
 Email Priority  RolloutCommunicationPriority  number
 User Custom Field 1  UserCustomField1  string
 User Custom Field 2  UserCustomField2  string


CSV import functionality supports all columns within the [UserEntry] table. Please make sure you use the correct column name (from the database) and the right column type (to use “” properly).

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