Sometimes User’s files are not uploading because one or more files are in status “Suspended” which hold others files from uploading.

Migration Agent log file contains following error:

=> Monitor.Start => ConnectionBreak.GetRunningState|Request to service page was successful
=> WebServiceConnector.UploadProgress
=> CopyClientLogger.Info|Upload Progress FileID=-56003 Status=Suspended
, Percentage=0, Text=Access is denied.
Change of the Uploads Virtual directory in IIS (Internet Information Services).
1. Go to PST Flight Deck core server -> IIS -> Uploads -> open Basic Settings.
2. In opened “Basic Settings” window press “Connect as…”
3. Change from “Application user” to “Specific user” and press Set…
In “Set Credentials” window service account and password  must be filled under which PST Flight Deck server is running.
NOTE: Migration agent reset and “Reset Upload” for suspended file may be required after applying this settings.
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