The following article outlines the current data types collected from Office 365 by Quadrotech for the purpose of building and presenting tenant and user reports for its Office 365 reporting package known as ‘Radar Reporting’. 
Please note that only customers who have signed up before 30th September 2015 will have SharePoint Online and OneDrive For Business data collected, and then only until the end of their subscription.
Please note that this may vary over time and may not be limited to the data points outlined below. This document is updated when new products and reports are released.

Azure Tenant Type Objects

Including Office 365 domain, accepted domains, DNS records and if the tenant is Dir synced.

Azure AD User Object

Including UPN, Department, Phone Number, Licenses, Subscriptions and the time of last password change.

User Activity

Includes last activity and license assignment dates for workloads such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange.

Azure AD Group Object

Includes group type, email address last DirSync time and Object ID.

Exchange Online Mailbox Statistics

Includes message counts and connection types by tenant and user.

Exchange Online User & Mailbox Object

Includes user details such as department and title, retention policy, when the mailbox was created, archive count and size, mailbox permissions and enablement status.

Exchange Online Message Statistics

Includes message date, count, size, sender and recipient.

Office 365 Groups

Includes activity date, member count and group activity.

Exchange Online Distribution List & Members Objects

Includes maximum message size, primary SMTP address and accepted and rejected messages.

Exchange Online Dynamic Distribution List Objects

Includes identity, recipient filter type, maximum send and receive size, moderated by and primary SMTP address.

Exchange Online Mobile Device Objects

Includes device OS, type and access state, last successful sync, and when the device was created and changed.

Skype for Business

Includes last activity time, total messages and transferred files, and last participated meetings and conferences.

User Client/Browser Objects

Includes browser and client OS name and version, days used and last accessed dates.

Tenant Service Status Objects

Includes incident event and type, start and end date and status, as well as Message Centre Event ID, start date, status, action type and category.

Office 365 Pro Plus

Includes number of activations and last activation date.


Includes number of likes and posts, as well as user state and last activity date.

Active Directory On-Premises Objects

Includes UPN, Primary SMTP address, mailbox enablement, litigation hold information, custom attributes, archive name and status and deleted item count.


Includes chat, call and message counts, as well as device usage.

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