When performing a migration using the Native Format Import module the staging area may appear to fill up more quickly than anticipated. This article explains the reasoning for that to occur.
When Archive Shuttle is exporting and importing data during Stage 1, the staging area begins to fill with the exported items. In addition to this, the import module will be removing completed items from the staging area. Normally a balance is achieved, however, this is not always possible with Native Format migrations.
A Native Format migration ingests the exported data into a temporary PST file. This temporary PST file also exists in the staging area, and consumes space on there, until Stage 2 completes and moves the PST file to the PST Output Path.

To avoid this behavior, we recommend to enable setting Finalize finished PSTs in Stage 1 on System Configuration page – Native Import module. If checked, finished PSTs will be moved to the output area and renamed properly in Stage1 instead of waiting until Stage 2.

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