The following error may be logged in the Shortcut Process module log file:

2014-07-07 11:56:20Z|WARN|P:5928|T:15|ShortcutProcessorBase|SSID for Item with PR_EntryID [00000000293A15F7D7ECFE47ADE4C1EDA1FBD4BB070090644AB88D5D9748978A1721943A5FAE00000032A979000090644AB88D5D9748978A1721943A5FAE00000032AA9A0000] is null

The warning is logged when an Shortcut in Outlook is missing SaveSetID, in most cases this is a “Pending item” and because of that FixShortcuts command can’t fix these shortcuts. The shortcut will point to an item in the source archive. Those pending items will be stuck like that until the pending shortcut timeout in the policy on the target EV environment has expired.
Te best approach is to make sure that there are no pending items before enabling Stage 2. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as:
– Two or three days before enabling Stage 2, disable the mailbox from archiving on the source, and run the archiving task in report mode with pending shortcut timeout set to 0, for the mailboxes that are going to be enabled for Stage 2
– Stop archiving on the source entirely, some time before Stage 2 is to be enabled
– Include a ‘Revert Pending’ command in the Workflow [However it is not known if the Storage Service in the source environment will log errors about not being able to find the pending items to turn in to full shortcuts, after a backup has completed]

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