Some user’s PST files are detached from Outlook even though the PST Flight Deck Agent is configured for “Snapshot Mode”
A popular method of migrating user PST files using PST Flight Deck is via “Snapshot Mode”. This feature enables PST files that are actively attached to Outlook to be copied and uploaded without disrupting the user’s experience or use of the PST file.
At times, the Migration agent on a user’s computer is unable to perform a seamless snapshot of the PST file. When a snapshot is not successfully created, the agent may automatically detach the problematic PST file from the user’s Outlook so that a copy can be made for upload.
Common conditions where a snapshot fails to complete successfully are as follows:

  • Inadequate space on the client machine to take a snapshot of the PST file
  • PST file is attached and password protected but the user has not provided all the credentials at the time of the snapshot
  • The client machine has older Outlook DLL files that are facilitating the MAPI communication on that client
  • The PST file is corrupt

The automatic failover from a snapshot to a detach operation is per the design of the product. This feature eases some of the challenges encountered during the file collection portion of PST migration projects. As additional and reproducible instances of snapshots failures are identified, we investigate if it makes sense to automate a detach operation of that PST for those failures.
For more information related to the modes of migration available to PST Flight Deck customers, please review the Administrator’s guide section titled “Migration Agent configuration options”. At the time of this authoring, this section begins on numbered page 51 (pg. 56 of the actual PDF file).

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