Customer reports missing folders in archive after migration.


Folders, that are empty, i.e. contain 0 items, in source system are not expected to be created by Archive Shuttle in target system.
Run following query against source EV Vault Store to ensure, that reported folders are empty:

SELECT afv.FolderName, afv.FolderPath, vt.VaultID Folder_id, VT.ArchivedItems, VT.ArchivedItemsSize 'Size(kb)'
FROM ArchivePoint ap
INNER JOIN Vault vt ON vt.ArchivePointIdentity = ap.ArchivePointIdentity
INNER JOIN EnterpriseVaultDirectory.dbo.ArchiveFolderView afv ON afv.VaultEntryId = vt.VaultID
WHERE ap.ArchivePointId = 'Archive ID'
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