An issue may exist in the source Enterprise Vault environment where extracting data is slower than expected.
It is advisable to check:
– Are Enterprise Vault Collections enabled on the source environment?
– What is the version of Enterprise Vault in the source environment?
An issue exists in Enterprise Vault prior to and up to Enterprise Vault 10.0.2. The issue is that access to the data in the CAB files which are made by the Enterprise Vault Collections process is single threaded.
Symantec has acknowledged this issue, and in Enterprise Vault 10.0.3, the following has been done and noted in the Release Notes:

Improvements to concurrent CAB file access [Ref 11465, E2409023]

Changes to the use of file locking have improved concurrent access of CAB files. This change can result in better performance, for example, when rebuilding indexes, where multiple threads attempt to access the same CAB file to retrieve items.

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