When performing a silent migration, occasionally an entry for a user’s file may be falsely reported as discovered twice in the same second.
Currently not enough information has been captured to determine the root cause of this issue, however, the issue has been observed at every silent migration to a very minimal extent.
A discovery resulting from this issue will record metadata about the file appear identical to the file of the prior PSTFileEntryID discovered for that user. All data will appear the same, but the machine reported containing that user’s file will be the Core server rather than the actual location.
Discovery of this file happens once and then the result will “age out” per the discovery expiration settings. No action is required but the discovery entry could also be removed by an Operator with access to the console.
More information
This condition has been observed at nearly all silent migrations but only to a nearly immeasurable extent (i.e. 6 instances in over a million discoveries).
This has been acknowledged as an issue but is not presently being investigated due to an inability to reproduce the issue with any consistency. Should you be experiencing this issue and can provide data to help identify its root cause, please contact our support team and reference this KB.

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