This article describes the process for signing up for Radar Reporting. You’ll have two options when signing up:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory: Use your AAD/O365 credentials to sign up for Radar Reporting.
  • Quadrotech Account: Create credentials specific to Radar Reporting using any email address/password you choose.

During the sign-up process, a QTID will be created for you. QTID stands for Quadrotech Identity. It’s our integrated authentication system that brings together all Quadrotech services under one single login, making it easier to use Quadrotech services together. You can read more about QTID here.
To get you quick access to the service, most Radar configured Office 365 tenants start off as trial accounts.

Signing Up Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory / Office 365 Credentials

Here’s how to sign up for Radar Reporting using your Microsoft AAD/O365 credentials:

  1. From the login window, click the option to Sign up for free.

  1. Select the Microsoft Azure Active Directory / Office 365 option.
  2. Sign in to your AAD/O365 account you use for everyday use.
  3. You’ll be prompted to consent to having your AAD/O365 profile information read by the service. Here’s how the consent looks:

Note: Consenting on behalf of your organization is optional. If you consent on behalf of your organization, other users won’t need to approve this permission as they will already be in the system. Profile information will be made available for ALL users in your tenant. This is optional, but allows us to better set up Radar for future use.

  1. Review and accept the Terms of Service.
  2. Now log in as a Global Admin. This is required at this step to give the necessary privileges to Radar to collect data on your behalf. Before Radar can collect this data, you need to grant the service access to your tenant.
  3. You’ll soon be re-directed to Office 365. Click OK on the redirection message. Here’s how it looks:

  1. Review and accept the permissions being asked for by Radar to give the service formal rights to run in your tenant. Here’s how it looks:

  1. Radar Reporting requires access to your tenant through the use of a service account. This account allows us to collect statistical data about your tenant for the reports. If you want more information about this account, check out this support article. To complete the signup process, you’ll create a Service Account on the page shown below. The service account can be created automatically by us or you may want to create it manually yourself. For more details on how to create it manually, refer to this support article.


  • If you choose a manual signup, select the Manual Signup option, and enter the service account name and password.
  • If you choose automatic signup, enter your Office 365 Global Administrator username and password. We only use these administrator details to create the Radar service account, then we remove these details from our system once the account is created.

Signing Up Using a Quadrotech Account

Here’s how to sign up for a Radar Reporting account using any (non-Microsoft) email address/password:

  1. From the login window, click the option to Sign up for free.
  2. Select the Quadrotech Account option.
  3. Complete the fields, and click Sign Up:

  1. You’ll receive emails that you’ll use to verify the provided email address.
  2. Enter a password you’ll use for your account.
  3. Follow steps 5-9 in the Signing Up Using Microsoft Azure Active Directory / Office 365 Credentials procedure above.

Collecting Data

Once your account is set up, the service begins collecting data for your reports. Depending on the size of your tenant, it could take a little while. We’ll let you know when it’s complete.
Once your data is ready, browse our support articles to see what you can do next.
With the exception of some export restrictions, your trial will be a fully functional version of the tool. We don’t ask for any credit card details or charge you unless you are completely satisfied with our product.

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