As of Archive Shuttle 9.9 the need to specify whether the shortcut processing module should use the Exchange or Office 365 configuration is no longer required.
Instead Archive Shuttle will choose the configuration depending on the type of container being processed. So if the container is a mailbox on Microsoft Exchange, the Exchange configuration will be used, and if the mailbox is in Office 365 the Office 365 configuration will be used.
In addition when a performing a manual collection of shortcuts a pop-up asks if you want to collect from:

  • The source mailbox
  • The target mailbox
  • The source & target mailbox

The target mailbox will be considered only if a manually created mappings was selected, and only in the case where the target mailbox is in Office 365. The other types of mapping will be processed as before (for source mailbox).
If you select mappings which were created via the normal bulk mapping process, then it will process all mappings for source without considering the selected option.

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