Sometimes you want to delete shortcuts during the migration (Stage 1) or after the migration (Stage 2). Archive Shuttle has some options for shortcut deletion, and these are described in this article.
Removing shortcuts during ingestion:
“Delete Shortcut Directly after Import” with this option selected successfully ingested items into Exchange or Office 365 will have the shortcut removed from the source mailbox straight away. Without this option selected the shortcuts will only be deleted once the stage 2 command is executed.
This option can greatly enhance the user experience when migrating data back to existing containers (e.g., primary mailbox or existing Exchange Personal Archive).
This option could be enabled in Archive Shuttle UI.
Navigate to Configuration -> System Configuration screen -> General System Settings table -> “Delete Shortcut Directly after Import” and check the option, after that Save your new configuration with the save button in the ribbon.

Note: If the option to delete shortcuts during ingestion is selected there may be a performance impact, and, the shortcut will only be deleted from the folder where the target item is ingested to. This means that if you are performing a migration from EV to Exchange Personal Archives, but the shortcuts are in the regular mailbox, they will not be processed. Further, if the migration is to an Exchange Personal Archive, but the shortcut is in a different folder to where the archived item is stored in EV, they will also not be processed. It’s recommended to also have a DeleteShortcuts command in the appropriate part of the Stage 2 workflow; in order to clean up any remaining items.
Removing shortcuts in stage 2:
During Stage 2 shortcuts will be deleted with Delete Shortcut commands. Some of the default workflow policies already include these commands and it depends which workflow policy, you are running on the target (EV, Exchange, O365, Native, etc). You can check/add/remove it on the Workflow Policies screen.
Stage 2 delete shortcut workflow step
Available delete shortcut commands:
– DeleteEVShortcut
– Office365DeleteShortcuts
– EasDeleteShortcuts
– EasOffice365DeleteShortcuts
– S1DeleteShortcuts
– S1Office365DeleteShortcuts
– DellArchiveManagerDeleteShortcuts
– DellArchiveManagerOffice365DeleteShortcuts
For more info about Workflow policies, please read the Administration Guide or contact Partners/support.

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