This report allows you to explore your own Site Collections using a tree format.
The top level will be the Site Collection and each subsequent levels could be made up of Sites, Sub-Sites, Document Library, List or Folders.

If you have multiple Site Collection set up for reporting you will see more that 1 top level name.
You can select each level to expand out the child objects. The detailed information on the right-side of the report will give you a break down of what the object looks like. The following information is shown;

  • The object type, i.e. Site, Library, Folder, etc
  • The number of Items in this object and all child object
  • The size of this object including all child objects
  • Creation Date
  • Last Modified Date
  • Last Modified By
  • Permissions Inheritance
  • Permission set at this level including, User/Group, Type & Rights
  • Pie chart breakdown of the type of items by file extension contained in this object.

Typically Site Collections can get very large which makes searching for a library or folder very difficult. This is why we have included a search functionality into this report, if you type in the name of the folder into the Search bar, this will immediately bring back the information you requested.

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