The Service Status Report shows you past and present service up-time information about your Office 365 environment. This information is collected from Microsoft on  regular basis and updated every 30 minutes.
The default calendar view is designed to show you past and present service interruptions as well as upcoming maintenance in an easy to read manner.
Different colors have different meanings:

  • Red:  A current and ongoing outage to one of your services.
  • Green: A resolved outage to one of your services
  • Orange: Upcoming scheduled Maintenance
  • Blue: Completed Scheduled Maintenance


Clicking on one of the items on the calendar will display more information about this issue as well as any notes and updates Microsoft have provided.

The data table below the calendar will show you this same information in tabulated form.
This is useful for exporting a list of incidents or maintenance for a given month or time period.

Informational Messages
From time to time Microsoft will provide you with Informational Messages about your Office 365 environment.
You can access these by clicking the Informational Messages option at the top right hand side of the report.
Upcoming Maintenance
You can quickly see a list of scheduled maintenance events that may impact your Office 365 tenant using the Upcoming Maintenance view.

Current Incidents
The current incidents view shows you all service issues affecting your Office 365 services along with any notes or updates Microsoft have provided. 

Information from all of these reports and views can be emailed and exported using our standard export, email and print buttons.

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