The Schedule an Audit Report feature allows you to collect and report on specific audit events for a given timeframe and distribute these to contacts via email. This is a good method to disseminate crucial audit event information for security or administrative needs.
In the Audit Timeline and the pre-defined filtered reports, there is now a Schedule button.

To schedule an audit report first configure the scope of the report that you want to be presented with. This requires both the setting of the desired timeframe and any particular audit filters that you would like to apply. Note: if a date range is not specified you will receive an error.
For example, in this instance a 30-day selection has selected and as well the audit report is filtered down to just Logon Failures.

Ensure that you apply the filter and you will see any results that would normally be shown in this report. Now that the report is in the state that you desire click on the Schedule button. The resulting dialog and process is the same as scheduling reports in other parts of Radar Reporting. Enter the relevant information for the report you are scheduling.

Click on Next and Choose the Schedule you would like. In this case we are doing a monthly report so it has been set up to be delivered the 1st Monday of the month. Once complete click on Finish.

Once saved the Scheduling system will process and send out the reports. You can review these in the Saved Reports and Alerts section.


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