The Schedule a Dashboard feature allows the administrator to send a PDF version of the current state of a given dashboard to a set of email address for review. This is quite handy to allow for the sharing of important dashboard metrics to other team members. When the scheduled time for the dashboard occurs the current status of the dashboard is sent so it is always the most up to date version.

Schedule Dashboard is a new option that adds to the currently available Publish Dashboard option. Prepare your dashboard for the configuration you desire, save it, and once completed select the Schedule a Dashboard option.
Once selected you will be taken through the familiar schedule dialog, however, PDF output will be the only option.

Complete the Scheduling options, choose the timeframe desire and click Finish. The Dashboard will now be sent on the schedule you have set. You can see the status of the scheduling in the Save Reports and Alerts on the Dashboard Scheduled Reports Tab.
Note: The Home Dashboard cannot be scheduled or published.

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