This article describes the supportability of migrating archived custom content.
Some environments may have developed or obtained objects stored in Exchange that are outside of the default content types seen natively. In some cases, this content was archived into a source and is desired to be in scope for migration to a different environment.
Archive Shuttle often can process these content types with no issue. In some instances, slight review and minor modifications to the product can be made to accommodate a new custom content type that fails the migration process. In other instances, we are unable to accommodate this content type.
The Archive Shuttle Product Group’s support for custom content types is exclusively on a best effort basis and is prioritized by the percentage of occurrences of failures associated with specific content types seen.
Any migration containing custom content types may result in a higher overall failure percentage and will require samples of the content to be provided for investigation. In some instances, a target may not be a suitable destination for some content types.

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