As of Archive Shuttle 9.9 it is possible to restore original items from foreign shortcuts in a users’ mailbox, and remove that shortcut during stage 2.
A foreign shortcut is one which is not from this users archive, but it’s from another archive which the user has access to. With Enterprise Vault it will seamlessly retrieve that item when needed by the user.
Archive Shuttle now has the ability to retrieve these items, and migrate the full item to the users chosen target, and remove the shortcut during stage 2.

A new option has been added to the shortcut process module configuration options to enable this functionality.

More info

  • Archive Shuttle has new workflows and stage 2 commands, eg “Enterprise Vault to Office 365 (with restore foreign shortcuts)”.
  • Archive Shuttle doesn’t do retention tagging on the restored items, because information about retention is not known for these items.
  • The shortcut process module performs the retrieval action from Enterprise Vault using the EV API.
  • It is not required to have an item database associated with the vault store where the item resides.
  • Emails, appointments, tasks and sticky notes are supported. Contacts are not supported.
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