In some environments, it might be necessary to install an EV Collector Module on a non-Enterprise Vault machine. For example the EV server may be running Outlook 2003, and the migration might involve migrating data only where shortcuts exist, but the mailboxes may have already been moved to Exchange 2013. This situation would require the EV Collector module to collect metadata from EV, and to scan mailboxes on Exchange 2013 to gather shortcut information – but Outlook 2003 can not connect to Exchange 2013.
If this situation exists, or it is a design decision for the migration to not install modules on to existing production machine the solution below may be used.
The EV Collector module requires a server-class machine, which has the appropriate Enterprise Vault API installed. The EV API version should match the version of the source environment being collected.
The EV API is needed because of an option in the System Configuration: Collect extended metadata. This option uses the EV API to collect additional information relating to archived items, such as the folder name where the item is stored. Even if the option is not enabled in the System Configuration, the module installer will not allow the installation to proceed without the API being installed.

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