To minimize the number of challenges encountered while migrating data with PST Flight Deck (FD), it is strongly encouraged for organizations to adopt Enterprise-wide anti-virus (AV) exclusions within their organization, as well as specific exclusions on the FD servers. This article discusses the exclusions needed for all workstations and machines in the enterprise but does not address PST Flight Deck server AV exclusions.


The goal of most FD projects is ultimately PST file elimination. Accomplishing this frequently requires the need to move a large volume of via a large number of files over a complicated, frequently dispersed geographically, and always active production network. In some instances, AV has been shown to complicate this process. Some behavior noted when AV interferes with the migration process are:

  • File locks on PST files which prevent, move, copy, deletion, access, or other intended action against those files.
  • Inability to set local registry keys.
  • Prevention of PST file deletion.
  • Missing data
  • Performance issues
  • Errors pertaining to the above in the FD Admin Console

Things to exclude from auto-scan on all user workstations:

  • *.PST files
  • PSTCopyClientService.exe
  • User %TEMP% variable

For AV exclusion recommendations on the PST Flight Deck servers, please refer to the Requirements Guide.

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