The cloud world is changing constantly, and so is the data flowing through it. Nova is provisioned with set of authorizations, and if the data is changed, the authorization needs to be changed also. This KB describes how it can be done via the Tenant Management System Client (TMS Client). For Quadrotech’s direct customers, this is available at https://account.quadro.tech.


  1. Login to Tenant Management System Client (TMS Client) with an account with a System Administrator role.
  2. Select the organization you want to reauthorize and click Reauthorize Tenant.
  3. Enter the full tenant name in an opened window (e.g. myTenant.onmicrosoft.com) and click Proceed.
  4. Login with a Global Administrator account and provide consent.
  5. If everything is completed correctly, the Reauthorize Tenant button will be re-named to Resync Tenant.

Note: When re-authorization is granted, the button will be re-named to Resync Tenant. It has these functions:

  1. It validates that the connection to the Tenant is still good for App Authorization.
  2. It generates the list of domains again.
  3. It will update the number of mailboxes and licensed mailboxes.


Note: The endpoint for Teams has been changed and re-authorization is required to get most of Teams reports in Nova.


There is one additional use of Connect Tenant, which is used to provision new tenants for Nova.

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