When migrating to PST, you might encounter corrupt PST files and need to re-export items for a certain user. Here’s how to do it:

  1. On the Stage 1 (Sync Data) page, expand the line that contains JC PST mappings.
  2. Right-click on the Primary Smtp Address of the mapping that contains PSTs you want to view/re-import and select Show list of PSTs. A window opens showing associated PSTs.
  3. Select the desired item(s) and click the Enable For Re-Export button.

Note: If you notice corrupt PST files that you want to re-export, but Stage 2 is complete, you’ll need to manually reset the workflow before you can re-export the PST files.

Additional information

In step 2 above, when the window opens and displays the user’s PSTs, you’ll notice the window’s URL includes the user, item database ID, and container mapping ID.


A maximum of 10 PST files are processed (deleted/reset) for a Journal Explosion re-export. If needed, you can re-export remaining files after the first batch of 10 are ingested.

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