Sometimes the replace task may throw this error:

2015.02.04 14:03:47|Error|10|WorkItem.ExecuteWorkItem => <>c__DisplayClass4`1.b__3
=> EvReplaceCommand.Replace|Unable to get SaveSet
EntryId: 000000001A447390AA6611CD9BC800AA002FC45A09004423BF7C48EE7D4EBEF849DB79EDA929019E13A634F200004423BF7C48EE7D4EBEF849DB79EDA929019E13A8D7ED0000
,TransactionId: 21215c85-8ee9-a509-9104-bf7f4bf403f1
,ArchiveId: 151EA1C2AAE681C48939EA85E20F87B441110000VAULT
,Id: 8328, FolderId: 4911
from Enterprise Vault. System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80040308): Archive, Archive Folder, Archive Type, Vault Store or Retention Category does not exist
at KVS.EnterpriseVault.Interop.IItem.Get(Int32 DetailLevel)
at FolderCleanerLibrary.EV.EvApiWrapper.ExportItem(MsgItem shortcutMsgItem)
at FolderCleanerLibrary.EV.EvReplaceCommand.Replace(MsgItem evShortcut)

Please make sure the affected item exists in Enterprise Vault. You can use our tool called “Saveset Fetcher” to retrieve the item. You can download the tool from this URL:
Please run the tool, add the Archive Id, the Transaction Id (you can find them in the log file) and specify the path the item will be saved to (including the file name).
Archive ID: 151EA1C2AAE681C48939EA85E20F87B441110000VAULT
Transaction ID: 21215c85-8ee9-a509-9104-bf7f4bf403f1
Save Item As: C:\Temp\ExportedItem01.msg
If the item cannot be fetched the most probably it doesn’t exist in Enterprise Vault anymore. The shortcut is available in the public folder, but the item doesn’t exist in the EV archive.

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