When the number of retries set in the configuration of the Export task is reached the affected item is set from the status “Failed” to the status “Retry”. The items with the status “Retry” are ignored by the export task. There are some manual actions required to process “Retry” items again.
Please follow these steps to try to export these “Retry” items again:
1. Stop the Public Folder Exporter service
2. Go to Public Folder Exporter interface:
*  Settings -> Export -> increase the setting for the number of retries (default value is “3”). And press ‘OK’ to save the change.
3. Run this update statement against to Public Folder Exporter database (database name is: FolderClearer ):

UPDATE MsgItem SET [Status]=3 WHERE [Status]=4

This SQL query will change the status of the failed messages from “Retry” to “Failed”.
4. Start the Public Folder Exporter service. The items will be exported again till the new number of retries is reached.

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