Sometimes the scanning task might stop working due to MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY exceptions:

2015.02.11 09:05:53|Error|22|ScanTask.DoTask
=> ScanPublicFolders.Execute
=> PublicFolderWrapper.Execute
|Failed to process public folders System.OutOfMemoryException:
   at Redemption.IRDOSession.Logon(Object ProfileName, Object Password, Object ShowDialog, Object NewSession, Object ParentWindowHandle, Object NoMail)
   at QUADROtech.Redemption.WrappedRdoSession.Logon(Object profileName, Object password, Object showDialog, Object newSession, Object parentWindowHandle, Object noMail)
   at FolderCleanerLibrary.Mapi.PublicFolderWrapper.BaseInitMapi()
   at FolderCleanerLibrary.Mapi.PublicFolderWrapper.InitMapi()
   at FolderCleanerLibrary.Mapi.PublicFolderWrapper.Execute()

Quadrotech is aware of this issue. The issue will be fixed in the next release of the tool. As a workaround we propose splitting of one large public folder into more public folders and executing more scanning cycles instead of one large scan.
Here is an example of the public folders structure:
We don’t recommend to specify the top folder in the Public Folder Exported UI (My_Company\Departments). However we propose to execute two separate scanning cycles:
1. Specify MyCompany\Departments\IT in the UI (configure for scanning)
2. Restart the PFE service once the scanning of this folder is completed
3. Remove MyCompany\Departments\IT from the folder list and specify new public folder for the scanning (MyCompany\Departments\Marketing).
NOTE: The scanned entries won’t be removed from the PFE database once an entry is removed from the folder list (PFE will keep these entries in the database).

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